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For Customers

  • Deal Notification

    Get instant deals as they arrive on the app. We notify you right when the deal happens.

  • Happier Customers

    Keep customers happy & prevent losing them to competitors. 70% of consumers said value programs were part of their relationship with a business.

  • Geo Targeting

    if you are driving within a couple blocks of your favorite store, we will notify you of a special deal.

  • Loyal Customers

    Loyal customers come back more frequently and spend more money than average customers. Create more loyal customers with Laid and Slayed.

For Merchants

Use these services to garner even more customers from our userbase. Let us spread your word. By the way, we are already in their pocket. :)

  • Basic Listing

    Being in the app has it's perks

    $ 0 forever
    • We add the cover picture
    • Basic Store Information
    • GPS Directions
  • Deal / Coupon Listing

    Let's bring in the customers

    $ 40 per listing
    • Basic Store Information
    • Custom Deal Image
    • GPS Directions
    • Shown for 30 Days
    • Create a digital Deal / Coupon to redeem

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